Monday, February 15, 2010

Photography (People)


This is the notice board I regularly walk past as I enter the school or walk towards the canteen.


This is the passageway I usually take after I enter the school or when I am going to the canteen.


This is the platform next to the passageway where many of my schoolmates alight at.


My class is left of the center of this image which is the part of the corridor which is open-aired so I like to stand there as it is very bright on sunny days and cool on rainy days.

Miscellaneous: When is the best time for photography?

Lighting is the most important element in photography.Warmth, depth, texture, form, contrast, and color are all dramatically affected by the angle of the sunlight, and thus the time of day. Shooting at the optimum time is often the biggest difference between an 'amateur' and a 'professional' shot.

In the early morning and late afternoon, when the sun is low, the light is gold and orange, giving your shot the warmth of a log fire. Professional photographers call these the 'magic hours' and most movies and magazine shots are made during this brief time. It takes extra planning, but saving your photography for one hour after sunrise, or one to two hours before sunset, will add stunning warmth to your shots.

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