Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ADMT-Elderly challenge_Reflection


What have you learnt?

I learnt how to generate and analyse ideas through critical thinking and how to manage the schedule of multiple parts of the task. Like organising the dates so I can do the prototype, the multimedia presentation or the journal. I learnt how to organise the information inside the journal and what information to include in it. I found out where can I go and find the materials I need for my prototype.

What difficulties have I encountered?

I was not sure how to make the prototype show the product’s function the way I want it to. I was not sure what to include in the ADMT journal. I did not know what type of media to use in the multimedia presentation.

How did I overcome the difficulties I have encountered?

I realised I cannot mimic the full-scale, actual product’s design so I improvised and just made the look of what happens when the product is activated. I listened to what Ms Seah said and put whatever information that was required into the journal. I thought for some time on what type of media to use in the multimedia presentation and decided to make a simple advertisement as it is more attractive, more memorable, more interesting and it is easier for them to understand the explanation of the product.

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