Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ergonomics (Product description and Idea Trigger)

i) It is multi-functional and simple as it can be used to brush things and peel skins. It is simple as you can see from the picture above so people will easily know how to use the brush. The grip of the brush is not good enough.

ii) They must think of whether it is user-friendly, how can it be stored, and whether the design is able to perform all its functions properly.

iii) No.

iv) The grip can be made better by designing the surface of the handle to follow the contours of the hand, together with the corrugation, it would be very easy to grip.
(the sketch of the improved version of the brush is above)


  1. Great explanation of your improved product and i agree with you

  2. I think you should improve in your sketch

  3. You could dwell a little more on your explanation about the original product such as it is lightweight so it will be easier for people to carry around.

  4. Overall, it is very good! However, you could explain more about the multi-functional part other than brushing things and peeling skins.

  5. Very good design and explanation! Maybe you should state the material to make the firmer grip hand holder. :D