Monday, June 21, 2010

Designs for the interior of homes for the elderly

Getting out of bed

I have come up with a bed which can fold. When the person wants to get out of bed, he just needs to press a button. The upper part of the bed will fold upwards and at the same time, the entire bed moves backwards so the person will still be at the same position but he will be sitting upright. Thus, he can get out of bed without much effort.

If the person wants to go back to bed, he can just push another button, so there are only two buttons on the controls, thus it is very user-friendly.

There is also a board above the controls for the bed so the person can use that as a support while attempting to stand up by putting his hand on the board and applying effort on it so it is easier to stand up.

There is a small mattress on the floor next to the bed so when the person is standing up, he will be less likely to slip and fall on the floor. Even if he does, since the mattress is soft, it will reduce his injuries.

Getting from one storey to another

Instead of having to climb a staircase, the person can move from one storey to another by being carried up or down on a movable platform. This is safer and faster than climbing a flight of stairs. There will be a remote which the elderly person will use to control the platform’s movement. There will be a detector attached to the bottom of the platform so whenever someone or an object is under the platform, the detector will make a sound to alert the user that there is something beneath the platform and the platform will not move until the object or person is no longer under it.

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